Key West Writers
"The measurement between fact & fiction is in the shadow of the line - " joe d wells
Books Written in Key West
The first book in the series The Last Ruble is called A Story is Born and then I named the part II - The Assassins. Both books are offered as eBooks on Amazon and then you can get both book in print. You can see my Key West books for sell at our online Key West Bookstore.
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Key West Writers
I consider myself a storyteller. I have never claimed to be a writer, much less a great Key West writer and no I am not trying to write the great American Novel. I do live in Key West and walk the streets were some truly great writers pace. Some from the past and some currently living here. What I am doing is telling stories in my own words. I want you to feel we are sitting, having a drink at perhaps one of the local watering holes, were many locals get together almost nightly and exchange stories. Simple and fun. I have been told on more than one occasion I can spin a yarn. I think you will enjoy these books, many have

A Story is Born
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The Assassins
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The Key West Blues
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Key West Poems
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In Key West I have a wonderful canvas of people to draw from for my stories without ever leaving the island. People from all over the world and all walks of life either visit Key West or call Key West home. Many wish they could. But we welcome all.
Famous Key West Writers
It is very obvious to me, I am not the first to discover Key West as a writing nest. Well known writers, such as Hemingway, Hersey, Harrison, Bishop, Wilbur, Buffet, Blume,Tennessee Williams and more, including Silverstein, who from time to time would stop by a friend's house and we would share a drink, have walked the same streets you and I do today. Thinking about it, sometimes, gives me goose bumps. I am humble about all this to a certain point.  As they, we all have to make our on way in the world - no matter which path you take.
 To me nothing is ever finished (this can be a bad or good thing), so for me I just have to put it out there and continue to mold my writings through updates. Otherwise, I might go insane, which would be a short road to travel. As time progresses, I'm sure all will improve - but for now I did go back and make some changes to my first book based upon reader's requests
 I over use the word clarification, see I am learning - This video tells what I have done ->>
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